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March 6, 2020


Soooo I have been vacant the past couple of weeks. I had an allergic reaction to something and I lived on Benadryl for over a week! I have only ever had one reaction in my life when I was sixteen and it was to an antibiotic. This was all so new to me. To anyone who has food allergies, bless you! I feel so sad you have to deal with this frequently!
Since it has been a while since I have posted I wanted to update everything going on here at Melissa Kincaid Photography. I am going to have a busy year this year! I am so blessed to be shooting at some of the areas BEST WEDDING Venues! Some of my PERSONAL Favorites this year will be at Adventures on the Gorge and Athena Farm and Vineyard! I will be visiting the West Virginia State Capitol twice this year for two gorgeous weddings, so I will be a busy bee.
Another fun event I am attending this year is my FIRST Creative Conference. I have had a desire to begin to attend conferences, but with my babies being so young, I couldn’t pull myself away. Now that my husband is seasoned in his career, it is much easier for me to travel. I am beyond excited!
If you follow me in IG I have also given some sneaks peeks of the Bridal Guide that is in the print phase of production. I am incredibly thrilled about this! The entire magazine will aid you in the planning of your wedding! It has how to’s and what not to-dos. It covers all the questions I get when Brides book. The best part is, I have had Brides tell me how relieved they are that they have something to aid them in the planning of their wedding! I was a Bride once, so I know how beneficial it would have been to me!
I am so excited for the 2020 season, and I am so thankful God blessed me with so many AMAZING Brides I get the opportunity to serve. My team and I are sooooo ready to celebrate with you beautiful ladies <3

You can’t have a blog without beautiful photos so here are some pretty little details 🙂
Melissa Kincaid Photography-Charleston Wedding Photographer_1069.jpg
Melissa Kincaid Photography-Charleston Wedding Photographer_1071.jpg
Melissa Kincaid Photography-Charleston Wedding Photographer_1072.jpg
Melissa Kincaid Photography-Charleston Wedding Photographer_1073.jpg
Melissa Kincaid Photography-Charleston Wedding Photographer_1074.jpg
Melissa Kincaid Photography-Charleston Wedding Photographer_1070.jpg

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