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Melissa is a wedding and lifestyle photographer based in the Appalachian Mountains. My style is fairy-tale romance stories with a focus on ethereal, artistic images. I specialize in outdoor venues and woodland events with exquisite details. I have a love for people and a love for weddings. 

located in west virginia 

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Your Wedding Day

In midst of all the chaos I wanted just offer what advice I have for all you beautiful Brides. First and foremost, I want you to know that it is okay for you to be devastated. It is okay for you to be sad! I know this is a time you have waited and planned for your entire life! From the time you were a little girl this day has been your dream, and you are not wrong to have emotions.

I am going to be your ally the entire way! I want to be completely transparent with you. If I can offer any advice it would be ‘please do not cancel on your wedding vendors!’ If at all possible reschedule your weddings…Why? There are many wedding professionals that not only rely on your business but are successful because of your business. We need beautiful brides to take photos of! We need gorgeous flowers to enjoy! Caterers need tummies to fill with delicious goodies! Most vendors will work with you to find another date.

Don’t panic I know the media is wreaking havoc on everyone. Please don’t panic, sit and think on the situation and make a decision that is best for you and the groom. At this point I can imagine many people want to offer advice. Seek {good} council, do research, pray, but ultimately do what is best for you and your groom.

Ask others Brides in the situation what their plans are. Bouncing ideas off one another is a great way to seek solutions you may not think of on your own. I offer a group exclusively for my Brides where they can seek council but even if you are not my Bride there are plenty of other groups on Facebook. This is a perfect example of the old phrase “sharing is caring.” Encourage others, give others hope, we may be social distancing but we can get through this time together!
Be sure to keep to date on IG I will post there when new information is available. I pray that each and everyone of you and healthy and happy during this time.

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