Best Kept Wedding Secrets

May 18, 2018


So often when it comes to wedding planning it becomes a stressful event and we lose the joy of the celebration. My hope is that the tips I provide can help your wedding be an enjoyable experience that you are able to actually fully experience.  & trust me, I have been doing this for 7 years so I have some best kept secrets 😉

1.) Do as little as possible the day of.


At first thought this seems silly. Right? I mean who would wait until the day of to do things but it is so easy to happen.  You get exhausted with the production of the wedding it is easy to say, ” I will do it tomorrow.” That is a fine option as long as ‘tomorrow’ isn’t your wedding day. This simple task will allow the brides, groom, and even parents to enjoy and relax. After all that is what it is all about.

2.) Plan with the Vendors ahead of time.

I am such a stickler at this. I want to arrive at the wedding and begin to get to work right away. I don’t want to waste purchased time doing things I could have done prior to the wedding. So I send out a schedule to my brides to fill out so I know where to be when without asking the day of. I know what they want and when they want it so they day runs smoothly for both parties.

-I even had a bride that typed an itinerary that adapted to each specific vendor and sent it out via email before the wedding. It was a great idea and encouraged a laid-back stress free day.

3.) Don’t sweat the 5 minutes of bad.

Of course at every wedding something may go wrong. It is life it will happen so matter how meticulously we plan. But remember if it wont matter tomorrow then it doesn’t matter today either. I can speak from experience I took every little issue at my wedding and let it effect me as a big issue. In the end it just stressed me and everyone around me. Plus 9 times out of 10 those ‘stressful’ events are funny the next day.


4.) Don’t appease Others, this is Your day.

I by know means mean to be mean or to mistreat anyone. But lets face it some of us are people pleaser; this is your day, your one day. Not often do we have days that are solely about ourself.  You wouldn’t believe the brides that I have had say to me they wish they would have done things differently. They wish they would have said no or even said yes but didn’t because of other people. It is okay to say yes or no to them tomorrow but today is about you.<3


5.) Enjoy it, Breathe it all in, Make it last.

Self explanatory again? It is. We get caught up in all the “stuff” that we forget to stop and live in the moment. We forget to enjoy it. Don’t rush, just enjoy yourself. Let yourself forget whats going on around you and just fall into your husbands arms and silence it all. You will thank me later.


I love experiencing Wedding Days with my Brides & I can’t wait to be a part of your day<3



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